Sup guys,

Like I said yesterday today would be the kickoff for a binder give-away. It’ll go from today until we pick the winner on the 15th. There will be 3 winners and each winner gets their choice of an Underworks binder (997 or 983) any size any color. On the 16th we’ll pick three winners and…

I’m so sorry

I can’t even try to go to bed because whenever I do I start crying I just can’t think about my life I’m such a failure. I need to fall asleep but I just can’t again. My head is pounding, I fucking hate this so much.

I stayed up a half hour too late this sucks how could I ness up this bad I just lost track of time I fuck everything up I never do anything right god

My dad is playing old videos and holy shit he is so 90’s.

My dad has started saying “ah HA ha” like taki does in the manga and we both crack up every time he does it.